It’s been a little over 24 hours since the massive attack on Twitter users yesterday. In which a group of fraudsters tried to use accounts of important personalities inside and outside the crypto market, to obtain Bitcoins. However, despite using the users of people like Joe Biden, Changpeng Zhao and Elon Musk, the Twitter scammers only got 13 Corona Millionaire in total, as mentioned by Emi Melker in the Tweet of the Day:

Who’s behind the attack on Twitter?

Attacking Twitter by 13 Bitcoins
It is difficult to compare yesterday’s attack on Twitter with any other event that has occurred in recent years. The massive hacking of accounts suffered by the social network has been one of the worst cyber security breaches to date. It has led to dozens of accounts of major business and political figures being hacked.

Now, perhaps it was the sheer scale of this attack that made it so ineffective. Well, by using the accounts of people like presidential candidate Joe Biden, or Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Hackers immediately set off the alarms of the crypto community. Who turned a deaf ear to the hackers‘ proposal to duplicate all Bitcoins sent to a specific address

Thanks to this, the final result of the attack has been rather disappointing in monetary terms for the attackers. Well, when you look at the operations performed at the Bitcoin address that they used to scam users of the crypt world. We can notice that it only received the amount of 12.86 Bitcoin, equivalent to about 117,000 dollars. This led Scott Melker’s wife, Emi Melker, to question whether this entire operation was worthwhile:

„Hackers have only gotten 13 BTCs so far, was it worth all this?“

Although the damage caused to Twitter will probably end up costing the company several million dollars. In the end, the scammers‘ monetary gains have been minimal. Especially considering all the attention they’ve attracted to themselves, which will likely lead the U.S. police to pursue them.